Who Am I?

Dallas P. Elkheart is an author, former business owner, and teacher. She has a total of over 40 years of working in the public sector. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree and was a Cum Laude graduate from Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio.

 She won a scholastic literary award for her writing and has a background in public and academic speaking. Throughout her business and teaching career, she provided an educational environment to teach others how to be more open-minded, prepare for victories and failures, and about the consequences of making bad decisions. More importantly, she has been able to show others how to function with dignity, restraint, and professionalism.

Her work was showcased through television and newspapers for her expertise and style of teaching.

At the time this book was written, she was 57 years old. She is from the United States and has now retired and resides in Europe with her husband of 28 years.

She wrote this book based on her own experiences in life in hopes to share some of her failures, trials, and victories. Her intent is, to help others to understand that, anyone can become a victim, but it will take the determination of a “Phoenix,” which rises from the ashes of its own enemies and pulls strength from one's ancestors’ bloodline, to become victorious.

D.P. Elkheart


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