1. They are larger than Crows

  2. They are usually seen alone or sometimes pairs, but crows often fly in groups

  3. They are like little acrobats when they are in the sky and very playful

  4. They have over 100 vocalizations and can talk and sing

  5. They are clever and intelligent

  6. They have been symbolically portrayed in both literature and legends throughout history

  7. It is raven is a symbolic figure in Native American folklore

  8. Biblically speaking:  In Genesis, Noah sent out a raven first from hiss ark to find out if the floodwaters had receded yet. God sent ravens out to take the prophet Elijah bread and meat two times a day during drought time.

  1. Bronze has been widely used

  2. The hardest metal

  3. It expands when it hardens

  4. It is bendable but does not break

  5. Will not produce sparks when struck

  6. It has low friction when placed with other metals

  7. It is a mixed metal 

  8. Extremely very flexible, while remaining strong




  1. Egyptians have always connected the phoenix to immortality

  2. They are powerful and it is almost impossible to kill

  3. Their tears are claimed to have healing powers

  4. If they take on a human form, they can incinerate their enemy with a single touch.

  5. It consumes it's enemy and regenerates itself by using its enemies life force

  6. They are considered to be among the strongest most durable of mystical creatures.

  7. The phoenix is the definitive figure of strength and regeneration. It is claimed to be as the setting of the sun at night and the re-rising of it the following day

  8. It is said that the creature can live for 500–600 years, but only one can exist at a time




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